Standing at the open door

I confess, I am a slow adopter when it comes to new technologies. I never had an iPod or iPad, I only occasionally post to Twitter and Facebook (and I quickly deleted my Instagram and Snapchat accounts), and I get Netflix via DVDs rather than streaming. It isn’t that I take pride in being behind the times. (Well, okay, sometimes I do.) I just like simplicity. And I don’t like spending money, time, or energy on things unless/until I can see the value they hold for me.

I have started this blog as part of an online course I will be taking on “open education.” I wasn’t especially eager to sign up for it, partly because I knew it would involve setting up a blog and that really isn’t my thing. In the end though, I decided this would be a good challenge for me. I enjoy learning new things, and I believe in pushing myself beyond what is comfortable. So I am opening myself to the “open” movement, trusting that something interesting and valuable awaits.